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Orion Webbox3 online Dutch talking MULTIMEDIA player for listening to a wide offer of news, information and leisure, weight 800 grams, dimensions 160 x 250 x 84 mm, colour black, including remote, internet-/audio cable, Li-Ion accu and power adapter.
  • Easy operation (completely on sense of hearing and feeling) with 5 contrasting tactile buttons and 1 turning knob
  • Online and offline daisy player for spoken leisure of Passend Lezen and the Christian librairy for the bind and partially sighted (CBB)
  • Your spoken daily newspaper and (for free) reading of the internet pages of, all national and regional newspapers, even your local weekly newspaper will be read out!
  • Spoken TV subtitles (12 Dutch and 7 Flemish) stations
  • TV listening: NPO 1, 2 and 3 can be listened to even without turning on your TV
  • Receiver of approx. 85 internet radio stations with RDS information, latest news, weather forecast, etc.

    NEW: missed programme of the 3 NPO TV-stations
  • With Webbox you can search phone numbers and search in Wikipedia (encyclopedia on the internet with 1,8 million subjects)
  • Download on SD-card or USB stick and copy station for audio- or daisy CD's to SD card for use in portable daisyplayers
  • Reading speed control, adjustable tone and sleeptimer
  • Wireless (WIFI) and cable internet connection
  • Charging time of built-in Li-Ion accu 5 hours and accu playing time 10 hours
  • A subscription for the content is required and support by phone
  • Orion Webbox3 online Dutch talking MULTIMEDIA player.

    Orion Webbox3 online Dutch talking MULTIMEDIA player.


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